Shops List


At this moment in time most of my information I have typed into my database have been from:- adverts from about 7 old copies of the Retford Times newspaper given to me several years ago now for the dates 6th March 1964, 13th March 1964, 17th April 1964, 24th April 1964, 13th February 1970, 21st July 1972, 8th September 1972, 1st June 1973, 8th August 1975. I have also spent some time in the local library looking at past editions of the local paper on microfilm.

I also have copies of several local books produced on Retford and find the two containing photographs, “Views of Old Retford” and “Retford In Times Past” have many street shots showing many of the shops and this helps me with dates of when shops were in existence.

I am also compiling information from recent local papers (within the last 35 years) that I have saved about the streets of Retford and their history.

In June 2001 I made several visits to the local library and copied down lists of businesses from some of the directories published late 1800’s – 1930’s ( such as Kellys,  Whites, etc. ) and have started to type them in to my computer, so far I have about 700 businesses and am expecting to have at least 1000 probably at the end of it all.  I hope to sort this site out so more of them can be accessed by visitors.

This is a brief list of some of the shops and businesses in my database, obviously this is constantly growing but it may give you an idea of what businesses I know exist or existed. I may have a name and address but not complete details of what the business did, who owned it, how long it ran for, etc so just because a name exists in this list DOESN’T MEAN I know all I need to know about it. (See main page for information I would like to collect on all businesses).


Here goes, first a list of shops/businesses no longer trading/ trading under these names:-

Fred Akers (bookmaker) Army & Navy Ashley
Bamforths Ivy Bashers M Best John Blow
Boaters H Bowskill & Son Brads Bassetlaw Carriers Buttons & Bows
Cash & Co Co-op Superstore Co-op Electrical Stor R Cook
Currys Clarkson’s Fruit & Veg The Craft Shop Claires Accessories
Debbie’s The Decorating Centre Derbyshire Building Society Herbert Dickinson
Donald’s Dryandra Mrs Pat Duddles Dunns
Edmundsons Elaines Electricity Board Peter Ellis
Farmfoods Fletchers Fosters menswear
Franklins Fred’s (Walkabout) Freeman’s Frost’s
Gas Showroom Geoffrey Goodbody’s Mill Goodson
Granada Grove Motors G F Gyles Hamilton McNeil
Harcourts Hartleys Haslecroft Finances Ltd David Haxby
E C Hill
Hillards Hodgsons Holorans S D Holmes
Home & Colonial Hop Hing Chinese Restaurant Hopkinson Howard’s
International Iremonger
Dave Jackson Ltd C S Jones
Kam Sun J W Knight Bradley Knipe K & H Sports
Percy Laws Legs & Co W Loseby & Sons C Lumley
Mark Down Discount Store Marshall & Son Martin’s Travel Bureau Maypole
Melias Mercers Milner, Lazenby & Co Morley
Jane Morris The Music Room Maisie Payne
Neales D Newboult Norvic Footfitters
Oates Osborn Club Osticks Oxfam
P & P Electrics John Paget & Sons The Paper Bag Shop Pheasant Hotel
Plant Preedy’s
Reads Michael Reed Ltd Reidiffusion The Remnant Shop
Retford Savings Bank James Richmond Ltd Rollin Roxy cinema
P R Rowell & Son H E Rule & Son Ltd Scenic Sports Trophies
K Sanderson Sargeantsons Savoy Restaurant The School of embroidery
Segars J A Selby B Shipside Ltd Shoppers Paradise
Sills Simpson’s Singer George Smith
J E G Smith
Smith Foster & Co Ltd Sneaths Garage Southward Garage(Retford)Ltd Fred Spencer & Son
Sports Supply Co Dennis Stanniland The Stocking Shop Stonebow cards
Strand Superkleen Supasnaps Suzanne
Alan Tanner Timothy Taylor Tesco Tiffin Bar
Thrifty Tosh’s A H Turner Ltd Turners (Shoes)
Turner Videos Video Hall
Peter Ward Thos Waterfield W Watson (Retford) Ltd F G Webb & Son
Edgar Welchman & Son Ltd Wigfalls Geo H Willows Ltd Witts
Wots in Store Sarah Wright L G Wyse Waddingtons

On my recent update I have altered the names to read in alphabetical order – easier on the eyes when looking for something, I have purposely left gaps in the above list so it makes it easier for me to insert new ones.